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Thermodynamics Tutorials

  • My tutorials are a free multimedia thermodynamics text
  • Use the tutorials instead of a textbook or as a supplement to the paper textbook your instructor required you to buy
    • Either way, you win because is free
  • The tutorials are organized into chapters, like a book
  • Each chapter is made up of 4 to 7 lessons
  • Each lesson has 5 to 40 pages
  • Each page has...
    • Equations, images and some text
    • A


      that explains the information presented on each page
    • Some pages have simple animations, but only when the animation adds something to help you learn
  • Each lesson also has 1 to 10

    example problems

    with excellent, complete, detailed


    • I am very proud of the quality of my

      example problem solutions

  • Each lesson ends with a summary page
    • The summary page makes a great study guide and it can be downloaded as a PD
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