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1E-6 : Temperature Change & Unit Conversions 2 pts
The temperature of a cup of water drops by 44oF when it is placed in a refrigerator for 45 minutes. How much did the temperature of the water change in K, oR and in oC.
Read: The key to this problem is that we are considering a CHANGE in temperature and NOT a temperature of 27oC.
Given: DT -44 oF
Find: DT ??? K DT ??? oC
DT ??? oR
Assumptions: None.
Equations / Data / Solve:
Start with Rankine.  The temperature increments for the Fahrenheit and Rankine scales are the same.  Therefore :
DT -44 oR
Next, let's work on getting DT in the Kelvin scale.
This is straightforward because a temperature change of 1 K is equal to a temperature change of 1.8 oR.
Eqn 1
DT -24.444 K
Finally, the temperature increments for the Celsius and Kelvin scales are the same.
Therefore : DT -24.444 oC
Answers: DT -24.4 K
DT -44 oR
DT -24.4 oC