Example Problem with Complete Solution

1E-5 : Temperature Unit Conversions 2 pts
The temperature of a glass of water is 27oC. What is the temperature of the water in oR, K, and oF?
Read: This one is a straightforward temperature conversion.
Given: T 27 oC
Find: T ??? oR
T ??? K
T ??? oF
Assumptions: None.
Equations / Data / Solve:
The key equations are those that relate T in oC to the desired temperature units.
Eqn 1
T 300.15 K
Eqn 2
T 80.6 oF
Eqn 3
T 540.27 oR
Alternatively, we could use :
Eqn 4
T 540.27 oR
Answers: T 540.27 oR
T 300.15 K
T 80.6 oF