Example Problem with Complete Solution

1E-4 : Temperature Unit Conversions 2 pts
The temperature on the surface of the radiator of an automobile is 134oC. What is the temperature in oR, K, and oF?
Read: Not much to read here.
Given: T 134 oC
Find: T ??? oR T ??? oF
T ??? K
Assumptions: None.
Equations / Data / Solve:
The relationship between Kelvin and Celsius is simplest, so let's begin there.
Eqn 1
Therefore : T(K) 407.15 K
The relationship between Celsius and Fahrenheit is also fairly simple, so let's work on that next.
Eqn 2
Therefore : T(oF) 273.20 oF
There are two straightforward ways to determine T(oR) at this point.
We can either convert T(K) to T(oR) or we can convert T(oF) to T(oR).
Let's try both methods, just to be thorough.
Eqn 3 T(oR) 732.87 oR
Alternatively :
Eqn 4
T(oR) 732.87 oR
Answers: T(oR) 733 oR
T(K) 407 K
T(oF) 273 oF