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1D-1 : Bomb Calorimeter 2 pts
Propane and oxygen undergo a combustion reaction in a strong, rigid, stainless steel canister called a bomb calorimeter. Is this process an isothermal, isobaric or isochoric process? Explain your reasoning.
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Answers: Isochoric
The combustion of propane is exothermic so the temperature will increase. The reaction results in an increase in the number of moles as 1 molecule of propane combines with 5 molecules of oxygen to produce 3 molecules of CO2 and 4 molecules of water. As a result of the increase in T and the number of molecules in the system, the pressure will increase. So, the process is neither isothermal nor isobaric. The volume of the rigid bomb calorimeter remains constant throughout this process. Therefore, this process is an isochoric process.