Refrigeration: Types and Applications


processes are very common and have significantly improved the quality of life of many people in a variety of ways.

Vapor-compression refrigeration systems

are used to preserve food, to provide air-conditioning, and in a variety of industrial processes.

Vapor-compression heat pumps

are used to heat homes and businesses. In all but the coldest climates, they are significantly more efficient than resistance heating units.
The most common application of a

gas refrigeration system

is the air-conditioning systems used in passenger aircraft.

Thermoelectric refrigeration systems

use the

Peltier Effect

to absorb heat at the junction between two wires made of different metals. These devices are lightweight, but not very efficient.

Ammonia absorption refrigeration systems

can be built with no moving parts and can require no work input. They operate with a heat input only.

Ammonia absorption refrigerators

are used industrially and in recreational vehicles.
In this chapter, we will will consider practical refrigeration and heat pump cycles and the equipment and working fluids used to carry out these cycles.
An image of a household refrigerator.
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Ch 10, Lesson A, Page 1 - Refrigeration: Types and Applications