Rankine Cycle Improvements

In this lesson, we will consider the following five methods to improve the efficiency of the

Ideal Rankine Cycle

  1. Superheat
  2. Supercritical
  3. Reheat
  4. Regeneration
  5. Binary Vapor Cycle
The goal of each of these methods is to increase the efficiency of the

Ideal Rankine Cycle

while preventing vapor from entering the pump and keeping the quality of the turbine effluent above 90%.
Each of these methods is presented as an improvement on the

Ideal Rankine Cycle

. In an

Ideal Rankine Cycle

, the pump and turbine are isentropic and the condenser and boiler are isobaric.
In the next lesson, we will learn more about the effect of real, irreversible equipment on the performance of

vapor power cycles

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Ch 9, Lesson C, Page 1 - Rankine Cycle Improvements