Ws, Polytropic Processes, Open Systems


SISO, Internally Reversible, SS

Negligible changes in kinetic and potential energies
We will now use this expression to evaluate the total non-PV work for

polytropic processes

that take place in an open system.
Log-log PV diagram showing paths for isobaric, isothermal, isentropic and isochoric processes are all linear.
Polytropic Processes
δ = 0 (Isobaric)
δ = 1 (Isothermal if IG)
δ = γ (Isentropic if IG)
δ = ∞ (Isochoric)
The PV Diagram is a log-log plot. Both axes are logarithmic.
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Ch 8, Lesson B, Page 11 - Ws, Polytropic Processes, Open Systems