Why Do We Need a Problem Solving Procedure?

This stairway shows that the solution for a problem is a logical sequence of steps.
You have seen a few thermodynamics problems and the tools used to solve them.
But, the problems in the chapters to come will be larger and more complex.
So, now is a good time to develop a flexible, reliable procedure that we can use to solve involved problems without getting confused or overlooking something important.
Imagine that there are two ways to reach the top of a staircase.
There is the Easy Way and then the Hard Way.

Many engineering problems can be tackled with this stair-step approach. The advantages are :

  1. The procedure is flexible enough to be used for a very wide variety of problems.

  2. Each step is relatively simple and well-defined.

  3. The procedure will reduce the chance that you will overlook an important
    aspect of a problem.

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Ch 4, Lesson D, Page 1 - Why Do We Need a Problem Solving Procedure?