Boundary Work for a Polytropic Process

This is a further simplification of the previous equation that applies only if the fluid can be accurately described as an ideal gas.

polytropic process

is a process in which:
In a polytropic process, pressure multiplied by the volume raised to a a constnat power, delta, is equal to a constant, C.
C & δ are constants
Where :
Here we have solved the defining equation of a polytropic prcess for the pressure, P.

Boundary work

for a

polytropic process

Here we plug the previous equation for pressure into the defining equation for boundary work.
Integrating to determine the boundary work produces a messy result, but it can be simplified.
This is the simplified equation for determining boundary work for a polytropic process.
For an

ideal gas

(PV = nRT), the

boundary work

equation can be further simplified:
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Ch 4, Lesson A, Page 19 - Boundary Work for a Polytropic Process