Ch 3 - Heat Effects

Here we present a discussion of the definition of internal energy and enthalpy for real substances, ideal gases, and incompressible liquids and solids.
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Here you learn how to use NIST WebBook to obtain thermodynamic data. For this lesson we will focus on obtaining internal energy and enthalpy data.
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In this lesson, you learn about two different heat capacities: constant volume heat capacity and constant pressure heat capacity. You also learn how to obtain heat capacity data from NIST WebBook.
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In this lesson, we learn to use a hypothetical process path to determine the change in thermodynamic properties from an initial state to a final state.
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In this lesson, you will learn that hypothetical process paths are a useful tool in taking into account the change of properties associated with phase changes.
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- Internal Energy & Enthalpy
- Thermo Properties: NIST WebBook
- Heat Capacities
- Hypothetical Process Paths
- Phase Changes
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