Learn Thermo Calculators

  • Tired of interpolation?
  • Ready for this century?
  • Try my new LT Calculators.
  • Use them for Homework problems or just to check your interpolation calculations.
    • Remember interpolation is approximate and the results you get from these calculators are more accurate. The match between the calculators and your interpolation will not be perfect!

LearnThermo Calculator link.Ideal Gas Property Calculator

Uses the Shomate Equation to evaluate U, H, So, Pr and Vr
for gases including Air, N2, O2, CO, CO2, H2 and H2O
for use when the gas can be accurately treated as an ideal gases.

LearnThermo Calculator link.Thermodynamic Properties Calculator for Real Fluids

  • Evaluate P, T, V, x, U, H and S for real fluids
  • Water and Steam, R-134a and Ammonia
  • Fluid phases
    • Subcooled liquids, saturated liquids, saturated mixtures within the two-phase envelope, saturated vapors and superheated vapors.
  • Uses CoolProp, a program similar to the engine driving the NIST Webbook.