List ALL Assumptions

1- Read Carefully
2- Draw a Diagram
3- List Given Information
4- List All Assumptions
Write Equations & Lookup Data
6- Solve Equations
Verify Assumptions
8- Answers
This stairway shows that the solution for a problem is a logical sequence of steps.
4- List All Assumptions
Making valid assumptions is the key to solving most engineering problems. A good assumption is one that simplifies the problem without significantly reducing the accuracy of the solution.
It is very important that you make a list of all of the most significant assumptions upon which your solution is based. Assumptions regarding things like the curvature of
the Earth and the acceleration of gravity can frequently be omitted from
this list unless they play a key role in the solution of the problem.

The justifcation for each assumption should be given as well. In many cases, the justification for an assumption will
consist of a short explanation. However, some
assumptions cannot be justified until the
problem has been solved. See
Step 7 for more details.

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Ch 4, Lesson D, Page 6 - List ALL Assumptions